± 97 000

have participated in BIG trials.  Patients are at the heart of BIG’s research.


academic research groups make up the largest international network dedicated solely to breast cancer research


 patient-centred clinical trials and research programmes are run under the BIG umbrella at any one time 

±10 000

 breast cancer specialists within the BIG network 

Together we will cure breast cancer

The BIG n​etwork in 2020


Research groups

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BIG’s Research in 2020 

Long term follow-up results impacting patients' lives


A practice-changing study: sparing patients from chemotherapy when not necessary

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More than 8,000 patients followed-up for about 10 years

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A prevention study: anastrozole reduces breast cancer occurrence by 49%

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Other milestones and encouraging study results

AURORA and POSITIVE reached target recruitment. DCIS, PYTHIA and PALLAS delivered their first results.

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Studies to support

Together we are BIG 
against breast cancer

€848 098 were raised for BIG’s research in 2020: Thank you!

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